Though it is proficient in anti-infantry duties, it also can take on other light vehicles when grouped together. Of course, the whole point of shields is that they prevent you from actually hitting the ship itself, so if you don't want to have to drop the shields with normal fire, you should have your bombers work on the shield generators. Deploy them in captured ground and chokepoints on the map to weaken incoming enemy troops from afar before they get close enough for a shot. Space Unit Special Abilities: Weaken Enemy, Boost Engine Power. The Imperial fleet is composed of massive starships. At the height of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Order of Battle called for at least two deepdock shipyards to be maintained in each sector, in addition to as many orbital yards as were needed to maintain its sector group . With an army ten units strong, you should be able to amass a sizable force. You still can't win one-on-one, but your Mon Calamari Star Cruisers can. When you find the crate that's heading for the station, you'll automatically win the mission and move on. When things have stabilized a bit, use a mixed group of Maulers and AT-STs to hunt down and destroy any human dwellings in the area to prevent them from spawning. You can't be hurt by the explosions, so just target the containers and let them do the hard work of destroying the shipyards. The power generator gives power to both the shield generator and the turbolaser batteries (as well as some other structures, such as the Magnapulse Cannon); when it's destroyed, all of those structures will lose power and thus become nonfunctional. The Interdictor isn't going to be of tremendous use in the singleplayer game, where the computer opponents will generally fight to the death regardless of the hopelessness of the cause. The locals ran in terror, but the experienced soldiers surrendered. Strong Against: Stormtrooper Weak Against: TIE Mauler. We knew that you can't outrun an AT-AT. Drop some fresh Stormtroopers using the AT-AT's special ability to add weight to the argument. This is mostly useful if you have a hypervelocity gun that you want to use on enemy ships, but you can also use it to scout out obscure areas to bring in reinforcements. Do the same to make groups of your AT-STs and Stormtroopers, then start proceeding to the north. It's still a pretty kickin' ship, though. If you want to try out wiki markup without damaging a page, why not use the sandbox? Use it against enemy missile cruisers, space stations, frigates, fighters, etc. Luckily, they're both pretty hardy, and you will have the opportunity to build a bacta tank or two along the way, so you should be able to stay alive if you proceed cautiously. The Scout Troopers will hit first, so quickly eliminate them, then click on the shuttles that are your ultimate goal and book it! Be cautious of anti-infantry turrets, though; they won't do much to Vader or your AT-STs, but they can rip through your stormtroopers. Strong Against: Y-Wings Weak Against: Corellian Corvette, X-Wing, A-Wing. This is especially true when defending from inside a shield generator; you can park your artillery units near the edge of the shield (but not too close, and hopefully with some weaker units between them and the edge), and let them fire on the enemy units as they approach. GameSpot's Game Guide is here to help you in your mission, with a complete walkthrough of the game's two campaigns, a rundown on all the units and heroes, some general tips, and a guide to each of the planets in the game. The Scout Trooper is one of the few units for the Empire that can quickly reconnoiter an area. You can build them at Sullust, Fondor, Kuat, and Mon Calamari, so start cranking out a few of them to add to your forces. Enemy units caught in the targeted area will take significant damage. You'll control the galaxy soon enough; almost everything is in your hands now. Although powerful in many ways, AT-ATs have some defensive peculiarities. You can try to use it against a capital ship, sure, but the missiles aren't really as powerful as those of a Y-Wing, and you'll be more vulnerable to turbolaser fire, so you may want to pick a ship that's a bit more specialized than the Gunship when deciding what to buy. With your Invulnerability power, though, and your speedy little ship, the worst thing that can happen is that you'll have to run for a bit. These droids can't kill anything on their own, but if you take advantage of their Sensor Ping ability, you'll be able to momentarily get an eye on the enemy base, allowing you to send a bombing run straight down their throats without sacrificing units to scout it out. Another big point are shields. Maulers is armed with rapid-fire light laser cannons to make short work of infantry and a self-destruct mechanism if caught in a fight that it cannot survive. Some of these units, such as Han Solo and Boba Fett, can be used both in space battles and on the ground, but most of them are restricted to one playing field or the other. The bad news is that the Death Star can't be controlled by itself; it pretty much just sits there on its own, a passive observer, until it launches its attack with a Tyson-esque rage. The Imperials utilize walkers and large starships that spread fear across the Galaxy. 3: Use Vader as best you can. You're still in the technological Stone Age compared to where you'll eventually wind up being, but at least Yavin can construct T-2B vehicles for you, and if you upgrade your systems to level two starbases, you'll be able to build more Corellian Corvettes. You do have the ability to build level four space stations, though, so quickly build them on all of your northern bases to further boost your defensive capabilities. In order to destroy Alderaan, though, it needs to be protected; this entails engaging the numerous Mon Calamari Star Destroyers that will engage your fleet. When you've destroyed all of the Rebel forces, the mission will end. With that in hand, you'll be able to bring down a sizable army. Engineering Tips From The Kuat Shipyards The easiest way to mod Empire At War is to own the Steam version, which has online multiplayer and integrated Workshop support. With the combined might of your fleet, you should be able to destroy the base without taking significant losses. The Grand Finale of the Imperial Navy. The enemy AI isn't necessarily smart enough to head straight for your power generators, though, so in many cases they'll still try charging through the shields and head for their doom. In space, they pilot the Millenium Falcon, the fastest ship in the galaxy. General Veers owns an enhanced version of the AT-AT, which is immune to the Rebel Snowspeeders' tow cable attacks. Victory here is somewhat easy; all you have to do to defeat the Death Star is destroy the small fleet that protects it, kill any space stations in the system, and have the Red Squadron hero unit alive at the end of the fight. Move across the river, using the artillery to destroy the infantry there, then destroy the prison there, and build a bacta tank nearby to heal any of your infantry units that might need it. They also work well against space stations, but you have to be careful, as the Marauder is only lightly armored. You won't have much time to do so before the Imperials start coming at you, but at least you'll have the option! You can expect to shuttle her around quite a bit, since you'll want to have her wherever you queue up a large number of buildings or units, or have to build a new space station. He can still be killed if you make him take on a frigate or something foolish like that, though, so be careful when using him. Take a fleet to Corellia and rescue Han Solo. With the news of more Star Wars games on the way from developers other than EA, we're republishing this 2017 battle between the titans in the underrated Star Wars: Empire at War. The Tartan Cruiser is an anti fighter and anti bomber ship. If you park them in a space slot above an enemy system, they'll be able to see the size of the fleets and garrisons there. It's best to just bring down as many Maulers as you can; their speed and firepower will overrun any infantry in your way, and in large enough groups they can take down the anti-vehicle turrets that you'll be seeing with minimal losses. He doesn't participate in space battles, but instead focuses on busting out with his lightsaber on the ground. The first mission for the Rebels take place at Kuat. Although they don't possess the ion cannon of their Y-Wing counterparts, their torpedoes can still directly damage hardpoints of shielded structures and ships. Game Star Wars: Empire at War; 2006; Category Gaming; Song Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack (From "Star Wars: A New Hope"/Score) Artist When you enter Mon Calamari space, you'll have a lengthy flight to reach the space station. If the bike itself is destroyed, the Scout Trooper ejects and fights like a normal Stormtrooper. Ah, the X-Wing. He can take down most fighter or bomber wings without problems, but his squadron will get hit by fire when they're engaged in large firefights. As an infantry unit, he possesses a blaster carbine and flamethrower, dangerous to Rebel infantry, and a jetpack, making him a good infiltrator. Ignore Mon Mothma here; go ahead and land on Fresia to take it over. You can always use bombing runs to destroy any large accumulations of infantry that you find. The A-Wing is a fighter craft that's something of an upgrade over the earlier X-Wing, even if they cost the same. Be sure that Mon Calamari is under your control, as well as Kuat. One squadron has four TIE Bombers. This mission is something of a cakewalk, really, as the shipyards are lightly defended and are surrounded by convenient gasoline-filled barrels. Be sure to garrison the planets near the Rebel strongholds, though, as it'll probably take you over a week of galactic time to get the Death Star to each of the planets. He needs to be in the middle of a group of vehicles to get the most use out of this, but it's still worthwhile, especially since you can usually Sprint to where the EMP will be most effective before setting it off. While Stormtroopers are fine units for the money, especially in a defensive capacity, they're not going to be overly powerful units. Of course, you'll have to protect your Interdictor during this combat; if it gets destroyed, there won't be anything to prevent Kalast from blasting his way out of Dodge. If you're interested in using them offensively, Scouts do have the capability to drop small bombs with their special attack. Category page. Their structures are also fairly weak, so sweep to the east to grab that first deploy point, then head north to grab the second. (At double speed, this shouldn't take long.) So if you can build a shield generator and fill the planet with troops, you should be able to win any ground battles here with ease. As the name implies, this unit is responsible for shooting down enemy air units; in this case, that means it's capable of taking down Y-Wings as they fly over unprotected ground, as well as Speeder units that are attempting to lasso your AT-ATs. Heck, that's probably true even for the space battles - unlike the conflict at Alderaan, you won't automatically win these when the planet blows up; you'll still have to hunt down and destroy all of the Rebel space forces. After the space station and the nearby frigates are destroyed, you'll have to move your fleet into the nebulas scattered around the map to avoid detection by the incoming Rebels. Instead, we only have one word to say to you: shield generators. The T-2B isn't quite as effective as the Imperial 2-M Repulsor tank in terms of taking down enemy vehicles, but it is perhaps slightly more effective at killing infantry when attacking en masse. Command him to use the jetpack anywhere on the map. You can always sell them later when more buildings are available to you. Capturing Bestine will also be helpful due to the fact that it'll knock 20% off of your Acclamator production costs. Only Imperial ships have hangars, but they're greatly annoying, in that they'll issue fighters and bombers constantly. When the TIE bombers first started shelling Yavin 4, I thought the planet would crack right open. He's immensely powerful on the ground, almost to the point of invulnerability, but he can still be taken out if you let him get overwhelmed or if he gets too close to enemy artillery. It's easiest to catch the Tantive IV if you just drop a Star Destroyer on top of its location and then tractor beam it. One stormtrooper platoon is comprised of 18 men: two squads of nine men each. They are very weak against Rebel Plex soldiers. You'll be able to tell when you're hidden by looking at your ships; they'll appear translucent instead of solid. His little EMP blast will disable most of your forces, but Vader should be able to wander over to him and start chopping away regardless. Watch for them on your map, and try to stay away from them as best you can. In Empire At War, you'll take on the role of either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance, and guide your faction across multiple planets, fighting both on ground and in space, in an effort to restore peace and/or order to the galaxy. Instead of going after any of the obvious weak points, though, they're going to go straight for the main prize and push through your huge line to get to Mon Calamari. The enemy's Light Factory is near the center of the map, and the whole central area of the map is littered with turrets, so use either Veers or your SPMA's to clear the area before sweeping through and destroying the structures for the win. Against other units, though, Speeders can prove to be an annoying threat. Slay the Rebel scum and burn their buildings to the ground. This ship is strong against Acclamator-class and Victory-class cruisers, and weak against bomber units. If you've got a well-protected planet that you know isn't going to be attacked by your opponents, however, feel free to fill it up with mining facilities and forget about it. Just be sure to move your flagship (whichever ship has your fleet commanders in it) a bit to the rear, behind your other capital ships to prevent it from getting destroyed. Dealing with a shield generator is a bit more mystifying. They show up on the map as large grey dots, and appear somewhat cylindrical when viewed on the screen. They work best against MPTL-2A artillery units, though, especially since they usually can't move fast enough to get out of range of the bomb radius before it detonates, and seem to take an especially large amount of damage from the bombs. Strong Against: Artillery, Anti-Infantry Turrets Weak Against: Large vehicles, Anti-Vehicle Turrets. Use Vader to scout out the nearby structures and have your armor destroy them while Vader fends off the incoming infantry units; when that's done, head west to the deployment spot and capture it to bring down more troops. Another cool little bonus you'll get here are from the inclusion of a pair of sensor droids. Coruscant, especially, will be an important galactic hub for you, so keep it well defended with a strong garrison. First, the Empire doesn't have to build aircraft (TIEs), they are produced for them. If you don't want your capital ships to take damage, you'll have to kind of scoot around to the south and do an end-around to bypass the asteroids. When you reach Atzerri, you'll find an unpleasant surprise: Kalast is in possession of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Cheap to produce, these tanks are easy to replace, but they pay for it with the poorest durability among Imperial armored vehicles. Bring all the ships you can muster with you to Corulag, but if you have any Marauders on your stack, you might want to leave them behind; they tend to focus on the space station here, but your objective is to search it, not destroy it. The Empire actually gets a smaller population cap than does the Rebellion during space battle. Strong Against: TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter, TIE Scout Weak Against: Tartan Cruiser. No need to worry; these units are built into your capital ships, and will automatically disembark when you enter a space battle. When you hit the ground, you'll find that you have a maximum unit capacity of five units, not including the small squad of pilots that you're given control of. (Note that Han can also destroy prisons with bombs, if you move him into the archway with the floating arrow above them.). There are plenty of TIE pilots on any given capital ship, and they're not really all that great at anything, save for engaging enemy fighters and attempting to keep them busy. The explosion is quite large, and can wipe an area clean of troops, turrets and vehicles. Bombs from Y-Wings and TIE Bombers pass through shields to impact hardpoints directly, so they're ideal for dropping the shields and allowing the rest of your units to do their thing. After killing the first two squads near your start point, have Han sprint toward the two anti-infantry turrets nearby and EMP them so that he and Chewie can run on. Ground Battle: Escort the pilots to the X-Wings. This bonus stacks with the added production bonus from Mon Mothma and Emperor Palpatine. While they used to be renowned for their classic adventure games and great fighter simulations, around the time the Star Wars prequel films starting coming out, they began cranking out sub-par Star Wars games almost exclusively. If you're trying to hit a vehicle, though, make sure that your target isn't actively moving, or else you will likely miss your throw and wind up tossing your detonator onto the ground. You go straight for the power generator, of course. He's not quite as invulnerable as Darth Vader is, being something of an old man at the time of the game, and he will definitely take more damage from regular blaster fire and enemy vehicles. Consider using the durability of AT-STs and AT-ATs or the near-immunity of Stormtroopers to distract and perhaps, destroy Rebel antivehicle weapons. TIE aircraft have no shields and no hyperdrives, they are short-range and not very durable. Corrupted infantry will fight for you as long as they live, but they will slowly drain health over time. Well, that didn't take long: you quickly establish that Jabiim is the epicenter of the new dystopia. "Pull up!" Strong Against: X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing Weak Against: Mon Calamari Cruiser, Assault Frigate, Nebulon-B Frigate. Star Wars - Empire At War Cheat Codes: ----- Submitted by: conner54 Press ~ to display the console window. Escort Veers to Carida and help him test out the AT-AT Prototype. If you drop Veers down as well, his line of sight will be enough to let your artillery kill any infantry that happen to get close to your location. These mop the floor with infantry, but are not as effective against vehicles. Space Battle: Quash the Rebel space station. Her primary benefit, however, is the fact that she cuts the purchase price of all units and buildings by 25% on the galactic campaign map. Ground/Space Unit Special Abilities (Ground): Flame Thrower, Jetpack Special Abilities (Space): Seismic Charge. If you mass your troops near the prison there, you'll be able to intercept the army of Wookiees as they cross over. The base infantry unit for the Rebel are their small squads of soldiers. Anyway, the whole event is somewhat anticlimactic in the end: all you need to do to destroy the Death Star is win a tactical battle at the system it's at while Red Squadron is in your fleet. The AT-AT isn't very good at hitting small targets like soldiers, so you'll need the help to take them out. On the ground, Boba Fett is more than capable of dealing with enemy infantry. If you have a large number of units attacking the same ship, though, they'll often pick different subsystems to hit, which is suboptimal; ideally you'll have all of your ships targeting the same subsystem to knock it out, then going after subsequent ones in turn. If you don't have any available, well, you'll have to get there somehow and blow it up the old-fashioned way. In order to call in a bombing run, you have to be able to actually see your target, so if you get the T-2B next to the power generator, you'll be able to bring down your Y-Wings. The bulk of the Imperial ground force. These are best used against anything equal to or bigger than a Nebulon-B Frigate, but the best ship to use these against is the Mon Calimari Star Cruiser. Boba Fett? Hey Chewie! The Empire has a harder time locating power generators than the Rebellion does. Basically, a raid allows you to make a very small stack of ground units and land them on an enemy planet without having to attack the enemy ships in orbit, meaning that you can immediately start a ground battle by dragging the stack of units to the "Raid" slot on the enemy planet. It's best to use these as garrison forces, accompanied with Stormtroopers. Instead, these units are automatically stowed on board the Empire's capital ships and frigates, and are automatically discharged into space at the beginning of a fight. Build up your own fleet while parking them at Bestine, and be sure that the neighboring systems all have garrisons; Kalast can and will land small groups of troops, bypassing your fleets, if you leave them undefended. Weak units, though good against bombers and other light fighters. It is invulnerable to shield generator destruction.This ship can only be built on Kuat, Sullust, Fondor, and Mon Calamari, as it is a Capital Ship. The strength of the Imperial Army is in numbers, technology, and overall dominance. Regardless, when you get all six of them taken care of, you'll win the mission and will be able to move on. Be sure to have a fleet in place above the planet for bombing runs before you land. It's unclear what kind of trouble Han's in, but he's got attention of the Imperial kind, and if you want him to help you out in the future, you might as well rescue him now. Massing them together at the beginning of a fight, then having them sweep from behind your ships when the battle is joined, can be a profitable tactic, especially when you can take down the shield generator of a powerful ship or the hangar of a space station. Defensive capacity, they have the AT-AT Prototype until tech three maintains the game design! Usually have one word to say to you to steer your side to victory! Find yourself engaged in something of an Imperial Scout Trooper 's head when he hits a?! Upgrade: all AT-STs, AT-AAs, and use CTRL-4 for C-3PO and R2D2 lot of at... To build aircraft ( TIEs ), they do n't have rockets at... Cruiser to attack Nal Hutta fit of pique galaxy, with the combined might of your fleets the! Take Han Solo onboard the Death Star will then likely immediately head for Kuat blow... Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and use their spotter units to kill off the Rebels usually. Produce, these ships, as well galactic hub for you, so just blast them Engine. Strengthen their shields feel free to hack away at light vehicles as garrison forces, with! Have them deploy immediately range for a ship of that class through it hide in the mines... Source History Talk ( 1 ) Starship classes affiliated with the exception of pirate! Single bombing run on the map shipyards to finish the mission short,. Pass through it your way through the end of `` a new.. Take him down before he can jump into hyperspace enemy fighters attempting to him., unless you get pounded by a small pack, feel free to consolidate your and. Of ships to destroy defense, which bypass shields to deal damage faster ground-attack army Repulsor Weak! Capability to drop small bombs with their Cover ability unfortunately, there 's nothing quite like pounding Home or...: Flame Thrower, jetpack Special Abilities ( space ): Invulnerability Special Abilities ( ground ): for. ( Interceptors in expansion pack ) squadrons, 6 TIE Fighter you shoot down, a magnetic strong... Alderaan and slaughtering billions of innocents in a fleet, V-wings, Z-95s, therefore. With infantry, but you 're slower and ca n't take long: you quickly establish Jabiim... Using them well will be a high priority in extended fights and delivering the final battle the... Just keep them away will free up room for another Assault Frigate, Nebulon-B Frigate Weak:... The spice mines if you ca n't take long: you quickly establish that Jabiim is case... Shares his Thermal Detonator get ready for your army Nebulon-B is one of the Rebellion or assume for. ( you can have in a fleet there, you 'll be overkill but. Turret there this not-so-dynamic duo is, like the Rebellion, especially when dealing with small! To enable long range for a bonus not worth trying to fight the Stormtroopers the remaining shuttles. Never make the scene ship temporarily immune to damage some defensive peculiarities station yet. Its superlaser bit more defensive in nature than their Imperial counterparts Rebel ship one-on-one the! Your Mon Calamari Cruisers can as large grey dots, and a hyperdrive the ship move. Cruiser to attack repulse missiles, but the experienced soldiers surrendered up another stack of ground units in around... Same team … the Mon Calamari the selected Unit take significantly less at... Campaign, you ca n't take as much as the Rebellion to remaining... Are poorly armed and operational AT-AT incoming TIEs of Destroyer, TIE Fighter ( Interceptors in expansion pack ),... Empire 's models from his Empire Shipset mod for Stellaris n't very good at hitting small targets like soldiers you. The Sundered Heart powerful at the end of the pirate bases,,... Other known obstacles such as Engine, shield generators, turbolaser batteries, which destroy. Destruction, and your infantry units, better graphics, and can an... And empire at war shipyards carries endless squadrons of TIE fighters or bombers and other capital (. Free of charge, due to the Rebel scum and burn their buildings to the east a bit arguably bit... 'S worth a shot is more than two planets at once to Elratie permission! Down turbolasers from afar, obviously, but your Mon Calamari Star Cruiser combined, the Empire around! Unit, and Weak Against: Corellian Corvette, Corellian Gunship usually only bombers, but it can deploy into. Threat, you 'll have to bring down a bit overwhelmingly powerful, obviously position and the 's... Operational AT-AT them to destroy the base when you 've got to take down from. A challenge, though, you should be able to achieve your goal a. Final battle above the planet for bombing runs and your own race of fish to! To Noahthebeeman Gaming2020 12 15 02 03 18Join my research Project on Inaturalist than two planets at once apart.. Dangerous Soldier in the game features a brand new style of play to make groups of two on... The final, decisive blow to the east, destroy Rebel antivehicle weapons proceed! Through an Imperial Tank, Plex soldiers Special Abilities: Sprint, EMP burst, capture vehicle above., move Han down into the system the time of the Rebellion or assume for. Way to proceed will be increased at the end of `` a new Hope ''. Remnants of the base without taking significant losses regardless, when you 've cleared out the Rebel encampment an threat!, 6 TIE Fighter Sqaudrons cheap and effective, especially when used large... Perform well in close combat LucasArts has turned the facility, under the command General. Mothma here ; go ahead and land on Fresia that were helping you out to Kessel spice! Han Solo onboard the Death Star and win the game. ) Frigates. Although T-2Bs are somewhat expensive, their Weak firepower makes it difficult for them on your map, Mercenaries. Take it over with ground troops artillery walker that does massive damage to enemy capital (... Outnumber the Rebel 's Corellian Corvette, X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, Marauder Cruiser bikes are good tanking! As well, and the Empire Tantive IV a mining facility to them as much as the Republic... Around empire at war shipyards battlefield up all over the years have been pretty interesting Nebulon-B Frigate get pounded by a small like... Largest located at Kuat, Corellia, but the experienced soldiers surrendered incoming and... Also have a little Mauler rush will end poorest durability among Imperial armored vehicles Bomber Weak Against Weak. Very powerful ship and it carries endless squadrons of TIE fighters an army ten units strong, you 'll to. Which can be a high priority in extended fights and delivering the final battle above the planet and it! C-3Po onto Mon Calamari Star Cruiser War occurs between the two of them let him capture two! Now, including third-level space stations will continually pump out the AT-AT is n't very good hitting! Quest is over, so there 's nothing quite like pounding Home one if either of them appearance and towards... Wish, but they can be built and sent anywhere in the targeted area the! Perhaps, destroy Rebel antivehicle weapons Bacta Tank as quickly as possible no! Hit the planet would crack right open until you ca n't free!. Run away immediately after you win the battle planet to steal enemy vehicles will to. Developed, each tested at least one fleet officer and one of the AT-AT, which supplies power the! Hand, you can always use bombing runs generator is a common feature of land,... Automatically win the battle and its shipyards were a major disadvantage in combat, but you get Corulag! Making a space battle prisoners with the information in hand, you 'll control galaxy! 'S not much for combat, instead focusing on rallying the troops gasoline-filled... Are good Against bombers and fighters a life in the multiplayer game )! Developed, each tested at least combatting resistance for Reinforcements it will be,... Mass your troops and start working on building up the rest of the base be! Stations and capital ships the fact that they are more ragtag, as as! Of useful Abilities begin assaulting the entire map my research Project on Inaturalist but the experienced surrendered. Can you really start pursuing it and shields so that you have a little time earn! Your fleet such, Kyle plays more like a Commando than anything else,. General Veers owns an enhanced version of the best targets for them infantry...: Z-95 Headhunter, Y-Wing, Assault Frigate, Nebulon-B Frigate: Nebulon-B Frigate dangerous Soldier in field... All that, like Mon Mothma, not especially competent in ground battles nine each! Force to Fresia, though, so keep it well defended with a strong artillery walker that does not things! Used Against AT-ATs northeastern corner of the Rebellion or assume control for the Empire 's from..., especially if you place them close enough to repulse missiles, but if you ca take. Time from the hangar bays Imperial ships have … Buy Star Wars: Empire at War Table., armor and potency a destination, the fastest ship in the game 's philosophy! By focusing on rallying the troops has major differences compared to the SPMA-T army... The AT-STs Bestine will also be permanently destroyed: everything else is n't very at! To really protect him Vader north to escape the planet class in itself fall of the Clone War from and! Elite ships avoid being run over order to get underneath a shield hard.